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August 30, 2013
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HPA: Yami Shichihiro by Dark7Hero HPA: Yami Shichihiro by Dark7Hero
And it's done =)
The coloring and all of the photoshoping magic was done by :iconatosvds:, i'd also like to give a special thanks to :iconbootsiel: and :icontwitchygreyfox: for offering themselves to helping me in case something went wrong =) Thnks a lot guys

Yami Schichihiro ♦ SHSL Mime ♦ Alive

Quote: "..."

Name: Yami Shichihiro
Age: 18
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 89 lbs
Gender: Female
Sexuallity: Pansexual
DOB: September 22
SHSL: Super High School Level Mime
Being the super high school level mime, Yami is known for having an incredible control over body language and is impressivelly good at using her body motions to express an emotion or tell stories
Ethnicity/home: Japanese/Japan (japanese father+french mother, moved to france after some events)
Weapon: N/A (does "imaginary invisible mallet" counts? I guess not)
Extras: Yami is known to ("just in case") carry around a small red pocket notebook and pen, in case she needs to communicate with someone who does not know sign language, she's also got what seems like a small black box which contains her mime makeup kit

Personality: Happy go lucky | Curious | Expressive | Party Animal | Childish | Nosy | Moody

Yami is sort of a party girl, she's got a good sense of humour so long as you don't touch the little red neckerchief or any area of her neck as she tends to get either violent or scared if anyone approaches her neck, Yami also seems very calm and relaxed most of the time but that's probably part of the mime act, she also seems childish and is usually very curious, often putting her nose where she doesn't belong and being quite annoying in the process (again, probably part of the mime act)

:bulletgreen: The theatre in general, mostly musicals and comedy. She's also got a large interest in movies, including silent movies, comedies and musicals
:bulletgreen: She's got a passion for french cuisine (but she's terrible at cooking)
:bulletgreen: She's a closet fan of horror flicks
:bulletgreen: Despite her childish personality she's madly attracted to muscular men, she's not exactly ashamed by it but she won't talk much about it either (not at first at least... not with actual words)
[The list shall get bigger as the character gets developed]

:bulletred: The phrase "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"
:bulletred: She's not a big fan of gambling
:bulletred: Being called short or other synonyms
:bulletred: Being inquired about her neck or having people touch it
:bulletred: She hates sushi despite having lived in japan for a long time
[The list shall get bigger as the character gets developed]

Additional Info:
:bulletblack: She loves red wine but doesn't know when to stop drinking
:bulletblack: Yami was once in a band, she's quite the decent drummer but it didn't work out for too long, it wasn't anything big either, just her and some friends back in france.
:bulletblack: Yami suffers from claustrophobia, if stuck in a tight place she'll feel as if suffocating and/or choking and will often hold her neck as if grasping for air, other symptoms would include panic attacks and her crying afterwards
:bulletblack: Yami sometimes speaks through the use of sign language but, just in case, she always carries a small notebook and pen around in case it's something she can't mime or speak through sign language (not everyone knows how to speak it after all)
:bulletblack: She's quite interested in Noh theater
:bulletblack: She used to like singing, now it's sort of a painful subject
:bulletblack: She hates being asked to do the "trapped in a box" schtick
:bulletblack: Yami is a great dancer but doesn't know how to dance with a partner to the point of it being comical and something she's actually ashamed of
[The list shall get bigger as the character gets developed]

Yami was born to a considerably wealthy family, her father was a rich businessman from japan who had a passion for gambling and her mother was a french actress, quite influential on the world of theater. Ever since her childhood the girl showed great interest in becoming an actress like her mother, but, wanting to make a name for herself instead of living in her mother's shadow Yami was more interested in the world of musicals.

For a while, everything seemed good, with the help of her parents the girl was able to chase after her dreams, until, due to her father's gambling addiction, the family became indebted with some shady people, the father, unable to pay his full debt all at once, was being blackmailed for his money every now and than, such a situation led him to consider reporting the case to the police in order to escape his situation. Knowing in advance that this could happen, and getting less and less money every time, his blackmailers than devised a plan to kidnap the young Yami and use her as a means to make the old man pay off his debt.

The father, fearing for his daughter, went bankrupt in order to rescue her. During her time being held captive, Yami was locked in a small cage for days, being forced to wear a metal collar around her neck, chained to the cage, that made it impossible for her to scream for help, once the time came to send her back to her family, the kidnapers decided they would remove her vocal cords as a means to send a message that if the father was to speak of what happened there, a worse fate would come to him and his family.

Yami's mother, seeing what happened to her poor child, divorced her husband and fled back to france with her daughter, there, Yami was depressed for a long time, thinking that, without her voice, she'd never be able to get back on stage and her life would be doomed to her not being able to express her feelings anymmore , until she discovered mimes, and in their act, a way of expressing herself through silence. Since that day Yami's personality was reinvented and she became obsessed with her mime act, becoming quite famous around those who had a passion for the art, earning the girl nicknames such as "the next marcel marceau" and eventually the title of Super High school level Mime.

Im ok with rping with everyone =) I have a trillian account and skype and you can always send me notes and stuff ^^ Supposing im online im almost always ok with rping =) all i ask is a little patience as i may take some time deciding which words to write (after all my character is both a mute and a mime and english is not exactly my first language), i usually use symbols like these:

*this would mean an action*
this would mean speech(probably not gonna use it either way)
<this would mean something translated from sign language>

Yami opens the door to her house, as she walks in she rises one hand and opens and closes her mouth a few times as if someone shouting "im back!" to whomever may be inside, she walks towards the refrigerator and gets a can of soda to drink. Her mother, probably having heard the sound of the door, walks in, she greets her daughter and tells her about the letter for her on the table, "Hope's peak private academy" it reads on the front of the white envelope. As the young girl reads through it, she can't help but let out a smile as she signs to her mother "I think im taking a trip back to Japan than... This should be fun!"

*Yami opens the door to her house and walks in, she rises one hand and opens and closes her mouth a few times as if someone shouting "im back!" to whomever may be inside, she walks towards the refrigerator and grabs something to drink*

Yami's mother walks in saying she didn't think she'd be coming home this early and tells her there's some mail for her on the table and points towards it

*Yami waves her hand to her mother when she walks in and listens, raising an eyebrow when she mentions the mail, she scratches her head as if to mean doubt and finishes her drink*

<Thanks but...>

*looks around as if puzzled*

<I wasn't expecting any mail>

*having said that, Yami walks towards the table and takes the white letter resting there, "Hope's peak private academy" she reads to herself, she opens the letter and goes through as quickly as possible, not resisting letting out a little smile as she looks towards her mother*

<I think im taking a trip back to Japan than... This should be fun!>

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